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Common tasks that might involve institutional data and information technology.

Accessing, using, and sharing data

Some of the most common tasks that folks at UW-Madison are trying to complete.

Accessing data

Support and guidance on how to access the data you need from getting started with the basics, to larger scale integration projects.

Accessing data

Using data

Making sure that your data needs are in compliance with cybersecurity, data governance and best practices.

Using data

Sharing data

Sharing data between systems and sharing analysis of data.

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Learning resources and examples of how data is being used at UW-Madison to help you be successful in your work.

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Data Policy


Determining who has the authority to make decisions regarding access, priorities, and data usage standards, and under what conditions those decisions can be made.

Including information on:

  • Institutional data policy and data management
  • Learning Analytics data use

All data policy


  • PICH Migration to Person API

    With the Workday go-live, PICH will no longer publish new messages.  Services using PICH today will need to migrate to the Person API.  Additionally, new functionality will only be added to the Person API.  We …

  • Person API to Replace PICH for UW System HR Data Integration

    As the Enterprise Integration API Team approaches delivery of new UW System-wide functionality in the Person API, we want to share details about how it fits into the existing data integration ecosystem, what’s in scope, …

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Data Stewards

The point person to help get access to the institutional data you need to use.

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Folks who frequently use, access, and share data at UW-Madison.

TechPartners, Data Wonks, BI Community of Practice, more tech support groups

About this site

Guidance and support ranging from everyday data work, to larger data integrations.

This site was developed as part of the Interoperability initiative, as a way to improve the way UW Madison approaches data. It’s goals include accurate scalable, controlled, and automated movement of university data, as well as better access, improved experiences and security.  You are invited to learn more about how this different way of thinking can better support the educational and working needs at UW-Madison.