Data tools

There is a wide diversity of tools used at UW-Madison when it comes to accessing, using, and sharing data.

Choosing the right tools and support starts with addressing what problem you are trying to solve.

Everyday data needs

Accessing university tools and available data for insights or decision making.

Examples: InfoAccess, SIS, Canvas, WISPER, Lumen

Everyday tools

Data integrations

Using custom applications or integration code to allow systems to exchange data.

Examples: Informatica, API Store, Grouper

Integration tools

Analytics and reporting

Analyzing, interpreting, and creating visualizations of UW Institutional data.

Examples: Tableau, Badger Analytics, SAS

Analytics tools

Everyday data tools

Where to get started when you use university tools or commonly available data sets to gain deeper insights or support decision making.

Use cases

  • Getting access to data including academic, student, human resources, financial, and budget
  • Querying institutional data sources
  • Analyze and interpreting
  • Reporting results

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Data integration tools

This may involve using custom applications or integration code to allow systems to exchange data, seek to deploy or enhance IT systems to support and streamline business processes.

Use cases

  • Consume or publish an API (Application Programming Interface)
  • Connecting third party tools to institutional data
  • Syncing a database to a third-party cloud service
  • Provisioning and deprovisioning
  • Creating and managing groups
  • User account management
  • Giving users access to data
  • Getting systems to interact with each other

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Analytics and reporting tools

This may involve dashboards or reports, building data sets, or supporting complex analysis.

Use cases

  • Getting access to data
  • Viewing data dashboards and visualizations of existing institutional data
  • Creating data visualizations

Explore analytics and reporting tool options

Common tools used

Tableau, Repository for Administrative Dashboards and Reports (RADAR), Badger Analytics/InfoAccess, SAS

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