Getting started

Recommended ways to approach your work involving UW-Madison institutional data.

Choosing the right tools and support starts with addressing the answers you’re trying to find.

Things to consider first

In general, when working with institutional data, you should consider the following when accessing, using, and sharing data:

  • Policies and standards
  • Data quality and integrity
  • Privacy, compliance and security
  • Architecture and integration

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Third-party tools and vendors

Before adding a new tool at UW-Madison, it will need approvals.

Vendor suggestions that their tools will integrate with UW data should not be assumed to work.

Begin with your needs

Choosing the right tools and support needed starts with addressing the question you’re trying to answer.

Everyday data use    Larger data integrations    I’m not sure, I need help

I have a everyday data need

This might involve tools or available campus data for drawing insights or decision making.

Calculator - an everyday data tool

I have a data integration need

It is recommended that you start by sharing your data plans with an expert who can discuss the best path forward. Make sure your data use is secure, follows the rules, and meets expectations.

Connecting data

I'm not sure where to begin

If you’re just at the idea phase and need an assist, work with our team to review your plans, involve the right people, and make sure your work is successful using the best practices. You can also identify potential existing solutions or get help with framing how your idea best works at UW-Madison.

Get help from an expert

Want to use a tool or software that connects to UW-Madison information through things like NetID? Get answers, practical advice, and guidance all data related needs, large or small.

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