• Person API Backend Implementation

    The Person API is a web service that allows people to programmatically interact with common identity data about a person. We in the API Team within DoIT Enterprise Integration released this API back in the …

  • Person API is Ready to Use

    The Person API is in production and ready to be used. Find out how to get access and submit ideas for new data and features.

  • Using an API to Improve How We Interact With Person Data

    The Integration Platform Team within DoIT has started working on a Person API to help improve data integrations that use common person data, such as name and email.

  • Badger Analytics is live

    The new cloud analytics environment uses the platform Snowflake, and the new data warehouse will eventually replace InfoAccess.

  • Understanding the analytics strategy and Badger Analytics

    How and why UW-Madison has embarked on this journey, planned changes, and what can be expected.