Easy to understand guidance, so you can make a better decision about accessing, using, and sharing university data.

New to using data? That’s OK. Get guidance on how to approach your work that might involve the connections between data and information technology.

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Where to start, including sustainable practices and assurances that you are meeting data security and governance standards.

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Start with best practices
How to determine whether your answer might have a connection to data and the most common questions asked.

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Plugging in a tool

Want to add a new tool or product that needs to connect to UW-Madison info, or use a UW profile to login?

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An iterative cycle to small improvements
Why change the way we approach data?

Changes are underway in the way we access, use, and share data.

Why change?

Discover available data tools
What data tools are there, how are they used?

These are very often the things that are used when accessing, using and sharing data.

Data tools

Line art of human stick figureWill my product/tool be accessible?

If you are considering adding a new product or tool, digital accessibility should be part of the decision making process.

Buying accessible technology

Evaluating technology for accessibility

Folder of a person's dataBest practices in getting access to data

The key person to know in getting access is your data steward. There are data stewards for each type of data you might need.

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Profile being addedHow do I get my users access to data?

The process might involve using a UW-Madison profile to login.

Data integration tools

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General questions

Talk to an expert to get answers, guidance, and advice for your specific question.

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Data Stewards

The point person to help get access to the institutional data you need to use.

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What is institutional data?

Submit an Identity Data Integration (IDI) request


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