Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

A cloud-based platform that enables data integration between systems and applications.  Its also known by the acronym IICS

IICS belongs to a class of products called Integration Platform as a Service. The platform caters to a diverse technical audience including those who may have very little integration experience and to those who have advanced development and integration skills. Sometimes the platform IICS is also referred to by the product’s owner “Informatica.”


  • Create integrations that move data in real time or on a scheduled basis.
  • Pre-built connectors enable reusable integrations to a variety of other services (e.g. Salesforce, Oracle, AWS S3).
  • Allows integration of on-premises systems, databases, and cloud-based software as a service (SaaS).
  • Design and implement integrations in a web browser using no-code and low-code tools.
  • Run integrations in the cloud or deploy them to your own infrastructure.

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Visual mindmap of IICS capabilities

Ways that Informatica integrates other tools

Use cases

Syncing data from a database to a third-party cloud service on a nightly basis.

Processing changes from an API (e.g. CAOS) in real time to update an on-premises system.

Extracting data from a third-party cloud service to populate a reporting database.

Examples of IICS in use

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