IICS training

Where to start learning about how to use Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS).

Most training is self-paced, and can be started at any time. Data Integration and Application Integration are the two main components of the IICS service that DoIT supports.


Most training is free, self-paced, and can be started at any time. Instructor-led training is not free.

DoIT is currently not able to pay for instructor-led training but it is available for purchase.


Training requires you to register a free Informatica account. NetID login to access training material is not available at this time. You can delete your account at any time.

Your account can access training material as well as documentation on Informatica Network.

Create an account

Training sources

There are two main services offered by Informatica to access training material: Informatica University and the Success Portal.

Use Informatica University for training, then use the Success Portal for supplemental and ongoing learning.

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Informatica University (Cloud Data Integration and Cloud Application Integration)

Informatica University has the most training resources available. Filter by product “Cloud Integration” and training method “onDemand” to browse the free self-paced trainings.

For Data Integration, we recommend starting with the training “IICS: Cloud Data Integration Services“. In addition, recommended training programs can be found at Informatica University Cloud Training Paths.

For Application Integration, we recommend starting with the training “Cloud Application Integration Processes for Developers“.

Success Portal

Informatica offers video tutorials, how-to guides, and webinars through the Success Portal. Under “Product Learning Path”, select Cloud Application Integration or Cloud Data Integration.

Some areas of the Success Portal link out to Informatica Network, which includes FAQ articles, the Knowledge Base, product documentation, and user forums referred to as Communities.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions are documented in the Informatica KB.

Community of Practice

UW System has an integration platform community of practice made up of integrators who use IICS. Questions, ideas, practices, and any other form of integration platform content can be shared with the community via their mailing list: ipaas-community-practice@lists.wisconsin.edu

Secure Agents for training

During some trainings, there might be mentions of setting up your own secure agent or accessing a secure agent directly. For training purposes, the shared test organization can be used to create secure agents. Best practices for using secure agents. Please make sure to destroy any secure agents used for training purposes when the training is completed.