3. Provide a cohesive experience across channels

Why it’s important

Every interaction contributes to users’ trust in the institution. Aligning different channels creates an experience that makes sense to the user however they use the service (e.g., online, phone, paper, face-to-face). Follow UW Brand and Editorial guidelines and Design System to create a cohesive experience.

What to consider

  • During the design and development phases, are you providing continuity when passing the next phase of the project to another team?
  • Does your style guide align with that of the university/your unit?
  • Is the process seamless for the user as they move from one technology to another?
  • Are the interface components consistent?
  • Are your digital tools accessible?

Toolkit: Principles and practices worksheet
Capture info as you work through each of the principles.

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Dig deeper into this principle

The WiscWeb Team can offer help with WordPress. The Center for User Experience can help you with user experience and accessibility across channels.

Please send feedback to the DoIT Interoperability Team. We welcome your input!