11. Operate a reliable service

Why it’s important

Users expect to be able to use online services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If a service is unavailable or slow, it can mean those users aren’t able to get their work done. Minimize service downtime and have a plan to deal with it when it does happen. Know how users will be affected and ensure that service availability is communicated, users are supported, and that we learn from outages.

What to consider

  • How do your users interact with your service?
  • What is the planned availability of your service (i.e., 24/7 or business hours only)?
  • Who are the service contacts or leads responsible for assisting end-users? For responding to a service outage?
  • Do you want direct end-user support from the DoIT Help Desk? In which situations do you anticipate your end-users needing help?

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